Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Update

This is another update on my fucked up life.

So on Friday, the 3, I had more bad things happen to me than good things.

Bad thing 1: I fucking failed my checkpoint which means I have to go to school on a Flex Day!!!!
Bad thing 2: My geometry teacher decided to assign us partners for our new projects. Mine consists of a sophomore, a future architect, an artist, and me. Hooray! (Does no one understand because of the fact I'm not very hand-eye coordinated, that there is a reason I tend to fail most projects that I have to build?????)
Bad thing 3: I have to clean my room! People, I will only say this once. There is a reason we don't clean our rooms. Mine is that I can't find anything when it's clean!!!
Bad thing 4: ... There was one. Oh, I got it! My Geography project is not done and now i get to take a ten point reduction on it when we turn it in on Monday.
Bad thing 5:  My little sister likes to demand me to turn my music down. Well I obviously can't say" Go fuck yourself or Fuck you!" So like a fucking dog, I have to turn it down. Trust me when this whole fucking thing with my bitch of a step mother, me being so very nicey nice will stop and if she pushes me to far, it's her turn to get the shit beat out of her. HOORAY!
Bad thing 6: I'm out of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:(

The only good thing that happened today was that the teacher that does the debate team said that another student wanted me as their debate partner. That was awesome!!!! Then the teacher said they wanted me to join some other UIL stuff. Still, if i can juggle school, my bitch of a stepmother, my sister, and my personal hell, I think i can manage extra curricular things as well.

Speaking of my bitch of a step mother, let's see what new information i have on the bitch.
She kicked out her own mother, because of her fucking creeper of a boyfriend.
She's threatening to take my dad back to court if my dad objects to her boyfriend moving in with her. (Like he would.)
Her creeper boyfriend is moving in with her, while my sister, while a brat still doesn't need to be over there to further poison her mind, is staying with them almost every weekend. SHUDDER!!!
Fucking creeper that's what he is. Seems like a child rapist, but then again i might be biased, cause i already don't like him.
She's pissed at my dad and me, but then again, what else is new?

On better notes(not that my life is that much better)...
I went to my mom's grave today. I laid flowers on it, since its her birthday. I miss her a lot. I keep wondering what my life would be like if she hadn't gone out and gotten drunk that night. If she quit drinking when we were born. What could've happened if maybe she had taken us for her visit that night? I wonder if I would even be writing this paragraph right now?
I wish she had been there when I started first grade.
I wish she had been there when i learned to ride a bike.
I wish she was there when I had cancer.
I wish she was there i went to the mental hospital.
I wish she had been there when i started high school.
Or when I had become  a teenager.

Everyone else's mom was, why did mine, of all people have to die.