Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I hate dance class but at the same time I adore it too. Just dancinf in groups makes me squeamish.

Monday, October 1, 2012


Freshman this year are over stepping their rank. They're trying to over rank those who clearly over rank them. It's tiring because they believe just because they're whores and sluts that flaunting their sex life and lack of cleavage is okay. We older classman are tired of it already. You idiotic children do not outrank us and most likely never will. I don't know where you think you're going with this, but if you don't stop, we will retaliate. There is a reason we were the worst set of freshman this school has had, and that's because we aren't afraid to use violence. You think no one can beat you in a fight? Trust me sweet pea, your ass will be sore by the time we are through. Don't underestimate us because we're quieter than you.
You think you're mature for ignoring someone? We have to put up with your rumors, with your exaggerations, with your petty fights, with your attitude.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

High School

I wonder why grown-ups think that kids are stupid when in fact we are much smarter than they are. Well, some of us anyways.

Then again, there are those weird ass kids who seem to enjoy proving that adults were right in thinking us kids stupid.

Teenagers are quite the same way. Except we look more mature.

I'm describing high school.

Preps: nerdy, smart, can be fun. Keep to themselves.

Whores: Everyone knows their name. You call them for a quick lay. No other girl likes them.

Crack heads: Blood shot eyes. They don't really pay attention.

Cheerleaders: Can be Preps or Whores. Some of them are actually okay to hang out with. Kind of snobby.

Thespians: Theater geeks. Dramatic. Often embarrassing.

Jocks: No brains whatsoever. They tend to prey on the geeks mostly.

Geeks: Nerdy. Quiet. Shy. Usually keep to themselves. Travel in packs.

Hicks: Bad accents. Farmers. Annoying to talk to.

Outcasts: Don't fit in with anyone. Insecure. Likes the attention, but prefers it not to be on them.

Goths: Dark. Usually suicidal. Depressed.

People like me: Smart. Average looking. Blends in with the crowd. Hangs out with everybody but the whores. Easily gains grudges against them. Often crush on people they can't have. Reads, writes, hates attention when embarrassing. Likes to listen to music. Often depressed.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

The Letter I've been wanting to write for so long

To my not-so-beloved step witch,

You can butt yourself outta my life and get a life yourself. I am passing all my classes and i haven't failed any classes for awhile. So take that and shove it up your damn ass.

You do not need to be bugging my dad about MY grades and if you have a problem with that, bitch, you take it up with me. So stay out of my life because you have no business in my life because you haven't made any attempt to contact me in almost two years. 

It's none of your business what my grades are and if i had my way, you'd be in a coma because I'd have dropped a flower pot on your head and you'd wake up two years later with amnesia. Yeah, that sounds right. 

You have no business with my dad. You have business with me and last time, I checked, I am all there unlike you. I have bested you again and again so you're pissed at me, but that is no reason to take it out on me. 

You've been messing with my family for too long now and it's going to come to a screeching halt one of these days. And when you finally fail, I will be laughing at you from all corners of the room.

I will laugh at you as you wallow in your misery after you get what you deserve and I will hand you the dish best served cold. 


Your very sadistic, pissed, about to kick your ass, step kid who hates your guts, 

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Soul Match


I open my eyes
I try to see but I’m blinded by the white light
I can’t remember how
I can’t remember why
I’m lying here tonight

And I can’t stand the pain
And I can’t make it go away
No I can’t stand the pain

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

Everybody’s screaming
I try to make a sound but no one hears me
I’m slipping off the edge
I’m hanging by a thread
I wanna start this over again

So I try to hold onto a time when nothing mattered
And I can’t explain what happened
And I can’t erase the things that I’ve done
No I can’t

How could this happen to me
I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

I made my mistakes
I’ve got no where to run
The night goes on
As I’m fading away
I’m sick of this life
I just wanna scream
How could this happen to me

I opened my eyes slowly. Where was I? I couldn’t remember, probably because my head hurt. 

A woman stood beside me. “Hello, dear. You’re in the train station between this life and the next. I’m afraid you have to make a choice. You can be born again or you can pass on. You will be able to communicate with your new host, but you can actually do anything, unless the host is about to die”

I didn’t have to think about it. “I’d like to be born again if you don’t mind. I want to be able to live life again, this time without dying so young.”

She smiled. “I thought you might say that. I already have the perfect girl. She’s six and her mother just died. Here she is if you would like to speak to her.”

A blond woman with pretty green eyes appeared. She smiled when she saw me. “Ah, you must be the soul going into Ellen.” Her eyes suddenly looked downcast. “I haven’t been the best mother. I was an alcoholic and didn’t spend much time with her. She’s a smart girl that’s for sure, but I can tell she’ll have a hard life. Her step-mother isn’t a good influence and her sister’s gonna be a real bitch, but she’s a good kid. Tell her I love her and I’m gonna watch over her, will you?” She smiled one last time before she disappeared.

I turned to the lady and said, “That settles it. I’m going to help this child.”

She smiled. “Alright, but there’s one problem, she’s very shy and definitely a loner. You were out-going and brave. There will also be some physical changes.”

“Don’t care.”

“Alright then, Kanna, you will be one.”

Chibi Ellen
I woke up in a six-year old’s body.

“Hello,” I said brightly, scaring the poor girl to death.

“Hi, who are you?” She asked.

“I’m Kanna. I’m going to be your companion for the rest of your life. Your mother sent me. She said, she loves you and will watch over you.”

I remember she said something about physical changes.

“Sweets, go get up and look in the mirror,” I said.

She did and gasped. I had been pale skinned and had albino hair and gold eyes, being a weird mix.

She now had paler skin, white stripes in her hair, and her eyes were gold with green flecks.

“What happened?” She asked, a little scared.

“You see since our souls combined, your physical appearance altered somewhat to look like a combination of both of us.” I explained.
“Okay,” She shrugged.

“Your parents will freak.” I pointed out drily.

“You mean my dad and my new step-witch?” She asked. “Honestly, I don’t care what they say. You’re like my first friend.”

I was impressed. Her vocabulary was quite advanced for a child of her age.
“What do you think will happen?” She asked snickering. “I’ll bet you twenty bucks they’ll rush me to the emergency room.”

I smirked. “Yeah, and your sister will faint.”

Her dad knocked on her door. “Ellen, sweetie, are you awake?” He poked his head inside.

My bitch of a stepmother who seeks to make my life hell
“What the- Debbi!” He shouted. “Come here!”

Step-Witch rushed in. “What did you do to your hair?”

“Nothing,” She whimpered. “What’s wrong with my hair?”

She was good. I had to give her that.

“Get dressed.” Step-witch ordered. “We’re going to the emergency room.” They left to get ready themselves.

“Yes,” She crowed in victory. She danced over to her closet and put on a pair of jeans with a polo t-shirt.

I shook my non-existent head. “Sorry, sweets. You are not going out wearing that. Put on that white, flowy t-shirt with those flowered shorts.”

I may not know much about little girl fashion, but I did know what she had on was not going to work for me.

She shrugged. “Whatever, I could care less what I wear. Just want life to go on.”

I could work with this kid. She seemed intelligent enough and she wasn't going to live an easy life. Not with that step-bitch of hers anyway.

Eight years later...

Ellen POV

“God give me a fucking break.” I mumbled.

“You used to love Math,” Kanna pointed out. “So what's wrong with Geometry?”

“You're just smug about being good in Geometry.” I muttered.

She smirked. “Maybe, but still you really need to get with the program. You have a test tomorrow. Maybe you'll get the Flex Day this time.”

“I hope so,” I knew people were shouting weird glances at me. Again. For once I wish people like them would mind their own fucking business.

I walked into Child Guidance. Fuck them for putting me in the class. The bitch walked into the classroom behind me.

Kanna growled. 'Hope she doesn't bother us today.'

The fucking bitch who annoys me every fucking day
“Ellen!” She squealed.

“Too late.” I mumbled. “This was going to be an okay day, now it's a horrible make me want to kill myself day.”

My life sucks

I have absolutely nothing going on right now, except spring break, but even that has to be ruined by my stupid Mother Fucking Step bitch. She texts my dad at like four o clock in the morning to yell at him about my grades, when no one gets up that early. My grades are fine bitch! And if you have a problem with them, you can come to me. You don't go to my dad and yell at him when he is already trying as hard as he can. I do my homework, I don't fail my classes, I do whatever the hell i can. So go fuck up someone else's life and quit messing with mine. She asks about my grades, not my sisters. How she got into parent portal is beyond me, which i think i need to do a little snooping in my school's office, cuz if they gave that information, they are going to find themselves with a very angry girl with a lot of time on her hands and amazing computer skills.

People shouldn't go into other's lives just because it's convenient to. And it's not nice to leave without telling someone who is depending on you. It's not funny. It's crazy fucked up shit. 

"Why thank you ______. It was nice to know you're leaving me stranded when i need you the most. Thank you being so thoughtful!" 

I don't think grown- ups realize that if they try to shield us from the stuff they do, they're just digging their damn grave deeper. Us younger peoples, see more than they think we see and yeah, we may not like it, but it's no better than being in the dark for almost half your life. If you see this, you grown-up people, us younger people, we know more than you think. Trust me, we have better abilities than you have ever had. We have bigger brains than you think, well most of us anyways. There are always those dumb asses out there.

We know more than you think we know. Mostly because people like me, we observe rather than talk our asses off. We know when someone's lying to us. We know when someone's hiding something and further more we listen when you talk to us, even when you think we don't. We may tune some of it out, but we listen. 

Because unlike when you adults talk to us, you don't actually listen to what we actually say. We could be telling you we killed someone and you would think we're talking about grades in school. You don't listen to what we say, whereas we must listen to what you say. Hypocrites.

If you listen to what we say, you might be surprised at what we do know. So unless you plan on being there for us, we won't be there for you. You don't listen to us, why should we listen to you? But because you're adults, we have to. You have to teach us right and wrong. I quit listening to your little speeches on morals, because i know what's happening and morals quit mattering the minute my step mother walked into my life. 

Morals don't matter any more, because if we lie, we get in trouble, we don't lie, we get in trouble. If we lie, there's a less chance of getting in trouble, so there's a bigger probability that we will lie. You lie all the time, you adults do. You don't get in trouble. So don't go telling us kids that it's bad to lie and it's bad to deceive your parents or other adults, cause that just plain old fashioned crap.

Well, I have to go, I have a nice whipped cream and chocolate waffle calling my name.


Saturday, February 4, 2012

Another Update

This is another update on my fucked up life.

So on Friday, the 3, I had more bad things happen to me than good things.

Bad thing 1: I fucking failed my checkpoint which means I have to go to school on a Flex Day!!!!
Bad thing 2: My geometry teacher decided to assign us partners for our new projects. Mine consists of a sophomore, a future architect, an artist, and me. Hooray! (Does no one understand because of the fact I'm not very hand-eye coordinated, that there is a reason I tend to fail most projects that I have to build?????)
Bad thing 3: I have to clean my room! People, I will only say this once. There is a reason we don't clean our rooms. Mine is that I can't find anything when it's clean!!!
Bad thing 4: ... There was one. Oh, I got it! My Geography project is not done and now i get to take a ten point reduction on it when we turn it in on Monday.
Bad thing 5:  My little sister likes to demand me to turn my music down. Well I obviously can't say" Go fuck yourself or Fuck you!" So like a fucking dog, I have to turn it down. Trust me when this whole fucking thing with my bitch of a step mother, me being so very nicey nice will stop and if she pushes me to far, it's her turn to get the shit beat out of her. HOORAY!
Bad thing 6: I'm out of chocolate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1:(

The only good thing that happened today was that the teacher that does the debate team said that another student wanted me as their debate partner. That was awesome!!!! Then the teacher said they wanted me to join some other UIL stuff. Still, if i can juggle school, my bitch of a stepmother, my sister, and my personal hell, I think i can manage extra curricular things as well.

Speaking of my bitch of a step mother, let's see what new information i have on the bitch.
She kicked out her own mother, because of her fucking creeper of a boyfriend.
She's threatening to take my dad back to court if my dad objects to her boyfriend moving in with her. (Like he would.)
Her creeper boyfriend is moving in with her, while my sister, while a brat still doesn't need to be over there to further poison her mind, is staying with them almost every weekend. SHUDDER!!!
Fucking creeper that's what he is. Seems like a child rapist, but then again i might be biased, cause i already don't like him.
She's pissed at my dad and me, but then again, what else is new?

On better notes(not that my life is that much better)...
I went to my mom's grave today. I laid flowers on it, since its her birthday. I miss her a lot. I keep wondering what my life would be like if she hadn't gone out and gotten drunk that night. If she quit drinking when we were born. What could've happened if maybe she had taken us for her visit that night? I wonder if I would even be writing this paragraph right now?
I wish she had been there when I started first grade.
I wish she had been there when i learned to ride a bike.
I wish she was there when I had cancer.
I wish she was there i went to the mental hospital.
I wish she had been there when i started high school.
Or when I had become  a teenager.

Everyone else's mom was, why did mine, of all people have to die.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on my life READ THIS PLZ

So today, i get home and my sister scares the hell outta me. Then i think about all the homework i have to do. Stupid school. So today I am going to figure out out how to get all of it done without using the imaginary shadow clones(for all of you who don't know, check out Naruto).

i think it's time i tell you about my stepmother...
I was five when my step bitch and dad got married. Everything was okay until i turned nine. I began growing up. But it didn't get really bad until i was eleven. My dad's job sometimes caused him to work late and unfortunately at the time, my relationship with the bitch was what you would call war. We butted heads on many occasions, because i was no longer her mindless little monkey.
I had cancer when i was eleven. It was summer time. I was happy even though i was sick and i lost all my hair. In October, i was in remission and by November i was cancer free. Lymphoma Burketts stage 3. Although i should have been closer to my family, i was farther away. And because i hated the school i was already going to, i was put in Mennonite school.
February of 2009, my dad was working late. Again. And i was a little pissed at school. So the principal called the bitch and she took out her frustration on me. I was forced to do fifty push-ups without stopping even once. I was fucking eleven! She hit the wall beside me and she would have hit me if i had moved even an inch. There is a hole at my old house! She upped it to seventy-five and i tried to run out of the house, but damn it, she caught me. It was nearing eleven when my dad finally came home. I was crying and he asked what was wrong.
After finishing my fucking push-ups, i went to bed, worn out.
November 2009...
They put me in Meridell. I had absolutely no idea why i was there. No one would tell me. So i was there until February 2010. Doing nothing but biding my time and putting with a bunch of bull-shit that people were feeding me. There was nothing wrong with me, other than my social skills and my reclusive personality. The day i came out was the day i felt relief.
Summer of 2010...
I went with my aunt up to her home up in Minnesota and stayed there for two weeks. It was one of the greatest times of my life. Until i came back to the hell that had become my life.
July 2010...
I finally chewed the bitch out and i must say it felt really good. That made it so i went up to Minnesota for the first semester of my eighth grade year. It was then i got the wonderful news that my dad and step bitch finally divorced (imagine a chibi me jumping for joy).
January 2011...
 I came home for the second semester of my eighth grade year. I finished eighth grade at home and for a while everything was nearly perfect.
Until a few months ago(we're in 2012 now) when the bitch threatened my dad's job. She's gotten a new boyfriend and finally turned her own parents against her! She's using my sister and i don't like it. She's trying to rip our family apart as well as her own. She's tracking my phone and  i have to be really careful what i do.  I can't make friends, even if i wanted to, and i can't be a regular teenager. So thank step bitch if you have a problem with me. She's made me who i am and it's coming around to bite her in the ass! Later, MINA.

Monday, January 30, 2012

I'm in the Akatsuki

If I spelled Akatsuki wrong, I'm soooo sorry because I just found out how to spell it today...:)

 She walked up to Konoha’s gates and
met the two ninjas guarding the gates.
Who are you and what is your business
here?” One growled.
I have to see the Hokage of this village
immediately.” The woman murmured.
Do you have the proper paperwork?” The other guard asked.

It’s about the Iwasawa clan.” She murmured.
One of the guards gasped. He recognized that name. “Very well,” He let her pass.

She walked quickly to the Hokage tower. “Sarutobi-sama,” She gasped, finally feeling her deep wounds.

Sarutobi Azuma looked at her. It couldn’t be her. She died a long time ago.

She smiled softly. “Yes Sarutobi, it is I. Izuka Iwasawa.”

You’re dead.” He said, not believing what was in front of his face. An Iwasawa, alive.

She placed the bundle in his arms. “She is the very last of the Iwasawa clan. Ellen is my god-daughter. Her parents are dead and I am the only other survivor of the Iwasawa massacre. And as you can see, I am dying.” Blood came out of her mouth. She chuckled dryly.

What do you want me to do with her?” Sarutobi asked.

Raise her in Konoha and let her join the academy to become the best ninja she could be.”

Sarutobi raised an eyebrow. The Iwasawa’s were known for the passive members they brought up.

Izuka smiled. “Look at her. She is no pacifist.”

Sarutobi looked at the baby. She cooed and then scowled. He laughed. “She’s a shinobi in the making already.”

Izuka nodded, already feeling weak from the blood loss. “She can already talk perfectly, despite being two months and is potty-trained. Her first sentence was, ‘Teach me how the toilet works.’”

Sarutobi chuckled. “Alright Izuka. I’ll do my best.”

Izuka thanked him. “Make sure she has
plenty of reading materials.”

He nodded. Seeing as she was already
crumbling into dust, he said, “Good-bye

Iwasawa members crumbled into dust
when they died and every trace of them vanished.

Izuka did the same and he picked up the baby. “Hello Ellen. Why don’t I find you a home with the Hyuuga’s?”

He disappeared and reappeared in the Hyuuga’s gates. Walking up to Hiashi Hyuuga, the clan’s leader, he placed the baby in his arms.

What’s this?” Hiashi asked.

This is the last Iwasawa living.” Sarutobi told him. “I was hoping you would raise her until she leaves.”

Didn’t all the Iwasawa’s die in the massacre?” He asked questioningly.

I thought so too, until Izuka Iwasawa appeared in my office a while ago.” Sarutobi answered. “SO will you take her or not. If not, I’ll be taking her to the Uchiha manor.” He knew Hiashi would take her at the mention of Uchiha’s taking her.

Hiashi’s arms tightened around the small girl. “No, we’ll take her. Hizashi’s been wanting another child, so he’ll be glad to raise her.”

Sarutobi looked at him sharply. “There is one thing you should know about Ellen. She can be branded with your mark. But if there is one mark on her besides that, I will take her to the Uchiha’s. Am I understood?”

Hiashi nodded. She would be marked as soon she was old enough. “How old is she?”
Two months.” Ellen said simply. “And I’ll thank you to talk to me because I am right here.”

Hiashi looked at her in confusion. “You talk?”

Well, no shit Sherlock.” She said sarcastically.

Sarutobi looked at her. “Mind your manners. This is your new clan’s head.”

Ellen looked down ashamed. “Sorry. Didn’t know who you were.”

It’s alright, just don’t do it again.”
Hiashi said. He looked where Sarutobi
had been, only to find him gone. He
looked back at the baby. “Well, you’re
going to living with my brother in the
branch house. He will explain all the rules
and customs of the Hyuuga’s to you.”

She looked at him sharply, seriousness
lining her delicate features. “When will I be marked?” At his incredulous look, she laughed. “I am not just any baby, Hyuuga’s head. I am no more a baby than you. I expect to be treated with some respect, unless you wish to experience the scorn of the Iwasawa clan. I don’t believe the elders would approve of that much, do you?”

He shook his head. “You shall be marked at the beginning of tomorrow. Hizashi is just up ahead. He has a son, Neji, who is about a year ahead of you.”

When Hizashi saw his older brother coming, he ran up to meet him. “Hello, Hiashi-sama. What can I do for you?”

He held Ellen out. “You will be raising the last of the Iwasawa clan. Tomorrow she will be marked and I expect her to flourish under you care.” He turned around and left, just as quickly as he came.

Hizashi didn’t know what he was expecting, but it certainly wasn’t for the baby to let out a string of cuss words about his older twin brother.

Stupid mother fucker,” Ellen let out a string of words that Hizashi would dare not repeat.

You can talk,” Hizashi gasped.

No. No one ever told me I could talk.” Ellen said sharply.

He sighed. Hizashi was so going to have his hands full with this one.

TEN YEARS LATER>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

I jumped from roof top to roof top. “Damn,” I muttered. “Neji is so going to pay for fucking with my alarm clock.”

Neji dear had decided to turn off my alarm and make me late for my first day as a genin.

I made it just in time to see Naruto and Sasuke almost lip lock until I threw a kunai and they kissed it instead of each other.

Naruto was about to start in on the guy
who pushed him, but Iruka-sensei walked in.

Listen up everybody!” He shouted. “It is
time to list the teams, so shut up.”

Everybody listened as they wanted to know what teams they were on.
“Team seven consists of Naruto Uzumaki, Sakura Haruno, Sasuke Uchiha, and… Ellen Hyuuga.” Naruto was pouting, Sakura cheering, Sasuke glaring at me, and I was bored.
I wanted to barf. Sasuke Uchiha and me on a team? Working together?

I felt sorry for our team mates and sensei.

However, I was feeling a lot less sorry every minute sensei was late.

Naruto was putting an eraser in between the door and frame, making it so whoever opened the door would get hit with eraser.
'If that Jounin falls for that, I'll tell the truth for the next days.' I thought.

He finally walked in and was hit by the eraser.

You sure that you're a Jounin?” I mumbled.

He glared at me. My first impression of you... is that you're all idiots. Meet me on the roof.” He disappeared.

I began walking up the building while the others ran for the stairs.
I looked at our new sensei. Sharigan Kakashi Hatake. Ex-ANBU. He had been given the Sharigan when his team mate and best friend, Obito Uchiha was on his death bed..

When everyone else was up there, he began speaking. “Why don't we introduce ourselves? I'll go first. My name is Kakashi Hatake. My likes, my dislikes, um my dreams don't really matter. “He looked at Naruto. “Go, blondie.”

Naruto jumped up. “I'm Naruto Uzumaki! I like ramen and I dislike the three minutes it takes to make the ramen. My dream is to become Hokage. Believe it!”

Kakashi sweat-dropped. 'A ramen freak. Great.' “Pinkie.”

Sakura smiled at Sasuke. “I'm Sakura
Haruno. I like,” Glance at Sasuke.

“My adorable Sasuke-kun.” I muttered
so only the people closest to me could hear.

“I dislike Naruto and Ellen.” She yelled.

I grinned.

“My hobbies,” Glance at Sasuke.

“To stalk my cuddly Sasuke-kun.” I muttered.

Naruto turned his laugh into a cough.

“My dream,” Whadda know, another glance at Sasuke.

“Is to force my wonderful Sasuke-kun to marry me and have him all to myself.” Even Kakashi laughed at that.

Somehow knowing she was the cause of the laughter, she glared at me.

“Anger-management boy.” Kakashi stated.

Sasuke looked at me. “Sasuke Uchiha. I like nothing and dislike everything. My dream is to kill a certain man and revive my clan.”

The reason he looked at me was because Itachi had been my best friend before the Uchiha massacre. I had sworn never to speak of the true reason Itachi had massacred his clan and never would.

Kakashi was puzzled. Why had Sasuke looked at me when he had spoken. He would ask the Hokage later. “You girl.”

“Ellen Hyuuga. I like reading and fighting. I dislike chicken butt, aka Sasuke Uchiha, and stalker chick, we all know who that is. I also dislike lazy, perverted sensei;s who enjoy being late. My hobbies are reading and trapping people in genjutsu that mentally and emotionally scar them for the rest of their pathetic lives. My dream is to find Itachi and give him a great big hug.” I drawled, loving the looks on their faces, especially Sasuke's.

Kakashi sweat-dropped. 'A ramen freak, a stalker/ fan-girl, a revenge obsessed Uchiha, and a very sadistic Hyuuga. Joy!' He stood. “Meet me tomorrow on training ground 7 at five o' clock.” He started to disappear. “Oh, and don't eat breakfast.”

“Why?” Sakura asked.
“You'll puke it up.” He disappeared for

I rolled my eyes and snickered. The
others turned to me.

“WTF was that about?” Sasuke growled.
Itachi killed my clan and you want to hug him?”

I nodded. “Yup. I miss him a lot. He was the only one who listened. Technically, chicken butt, you owe him and if you don't leave now, I'll tell your fan club where you sleep.” I grinned.

“You wouldn't,” His eyes narrowed.

“Try me,” I smiled. I opened my mouth and screamed, “Sakura, Ino, I know where Sasuke,” A hand covered my mouth.

“Remove your hand from my person immediately. I have no qualms about screaming RAPE or KIDNAP.” I ordered.

“Shut up,” A very familiar voice said.

“Itachi,” I gave him a hug. “So how've you been?”
“I'm fine. Now I need you to tell Sarutobi that I am alive and I need you to meet with me in two days. I need to introduce you to some of the Atasuki.”

I shrugged. “Sure, I'm sure I can make time between torturing your brother and annoying the hell out of the rest of the village.” I smiled and then hugged him again. “I've missed you Itachi.”

“I've missed you too. You still are welcome to come with me.” He offered.

I shook my head. “I'm still needed here, but I will come with you one day.”

He handed me a leafnin headband. “It's my old one. You deserve it more than I do.”

I slipped my headband off and tied his on. “Thanks Itachi. You better go before someone catches you here.”

He disappeared. As I walked to the Hokage's office, I thought about things. The Uchiha massacre. The Iwasawa massacre. The soon-to-be murder of sensei if he didn't stop poking his nose where it didn't belong.

I stormed into the Hokage's office, interrupting an argument between sensei and the Hokage..
Kakashi had been vying for information
on me.

He looked at me. “Why are you here?”
He asked rudely.

“None ya.” I spat back. “And if you want
to know something ask me. Don't go behind my
back, dumb ass.”

“I will talk to you later.” Kakashi was dismissed. He hid behind a door.

“Well, Iwasawa Ellen,” Sarutobi began. “What's so important that you interrupt a meeting between you sensei and I?”

Kakashi's eyes widened. I was an Iwasawa? Iwasawa members were passive members, not to mention dead. He was even more surprised at what was said next.

“Itachi is alive.” I told the Hokage. “Is there anything you want me to do about it?”

Kakashi burst in. “If he's alive, he needs to be executed immediately. He destroyed an entire clan. Well, except for Sasuke.”

I threw him against the wall. “You know not of which you speak.”

Kakashi didn't know which to be more surprised about: the fact that a genin restrained him or that a Hyuuga defended a Uchiha.

“He killed his family.” He said. “Your new team mate was the only one he left alive. You should want him dead.”

“We are all different people.” I said angrily. “Had you known what known why Itachi killed them, you would understand why I don't want him dead.”

“Are you going to tell me?” He asked surprised when I let him go.

“Not a chance, because you would tell Sasuke. I enjoy tormenting him.” I said smugly.

Kakashi looked at the Hokage. “You tell me then.”

Hokage smiled sheepishly. “I don't actually know.” He pointed at me. “Only she knows, and she being who and what she is, I believe her.”

Kakashi was in disbelief. “You go on the word of this child that Itachi Uchiha isn't dangerous.”

“No,”I corrected. “Itachi is very very dangerous. He's just not dangerous to me.”
“And why not?” Kakashi asked

“Because I never gave up on him.” I said

“He's not dangerous to you because you
never gave up on him?” Kakashi laughed.

Sarutobi sighed. “Your grave,”.

I stood up, letting my power fly wildly around me. “He was my best friend and my only friend. He stayed when no one else did. He never lied to me. Why would he start now?”

“There's only one other person who knows why Itachi massacred his clan.” Hokage told Kakashi.


“The toad Sannin.” Kakashi grinned. His hero, the maker of the Ichi Ichi Paradise books. Surely, his hero would tell him.

I eyed him, knowing what was going through his head. I smirked. “Unfortunately, Ero-Sannin has strict orders from Itachi that specify he has to ask Itachi or myself before telling anyone.”

Kakashi groaned. 'Man, they have everything covered.'

Sarutobi sighed. “I have important work to do, so you two get out of my office.”

I disappeared, while Kakashi walked out the door.

I reappeared in my room. Walking down, I scared Neji out of his wits.

“Quit doing that imouto,” He yelled.

“Then quit messing with my alarm clock, nii-san.” I stuck out my tongue.

Neji snickered. “Can't promise it.”

I did a small jutsu and Neji's mouth shut. I smiled evilly at him. “Sorry Neji dear, I can't hear you.” I snickered.

I pranced off, Neji trailing behind me. Hizashi was in his study and he waved as I went by.

The jutsu wore off at dinner and Neji proceeded to narc on me.

I was grounded tomorrow and the next
day. I was to come straight home from training.

“If I take two more days of punishment,
may I have the day after tomorrow off?” I asked

“Make it three,” Neji challenged.

Hizashi nodded. “Alright, but I hope you won't do anything too illegal.”

'Conversing with a missing nin who slaughtered everyone in his clan, but Chicken butt, then meeting with the Atasuki,” I thought. 'Nope, not illegal at all.' “Of course,” I said aloud.

“Dismissed,” He waved his hand.

I ran out of the room, ignoring Neji's protest.

I went up in my room and began studying copies of the Forbidden scrolls. I was also working on my flash-step, but I needed a clone to take my place while I went to Itachi , because I didn't know how long I would be away.

I did the hand signs perfectly. A second me popped up and looked at me.

“Hey,” She waved.

I threw a sock at her and she poofed. Satisfied, I hid the scroll and worked on my flash-step until I fell asleep.

I woke up at four and got dressed. I wore a tank-top with a rose and jeans with converse.

I grabbed four apples and ate one on the way.

I got there and saw the others already there. I tossed my apple core in the bushes.

I hit them in the head with an apple each.

“Sensei said not to eat.” Sakura glared.

“He'll be late and you'll waste energy you can't spare waiting for him. You can eat it or not.” I shrugged.

Naruto chomped on it, while Sasuke eyed
it suspiciously. He took a bite and began eating.

After Sasuke began eating, Sakura
deemed it safe too, so she began to eat it.

I began to meditate. In my inner world, I
was sleeping.

Kakashi was suddenly in my face. “Wake up!” He shouted.

I slowly opened my eyes and he saw his death. He backed away slowly.

He began, “The task is to take these three bells from me before noon. The one who doesn't have a bell will be tied to the stump. If you fail, you will be sent back to the academy.” He finally noticed I wasn't listening. I had put my headphones on and was bobbing my head to MCR.

He groaned.

“But sensei,” Sakura said. “Won't we hurt you?”

Okay. At that I snorted. “You, a WEAK,” Emphasizing the WEAK, “Genin, hurt that lazy jounin. Plu-ez. What world do you live in?”

She whirled on me. “You couldn't hurt him, but my Sasuke-kun could.”

“Hn,” Chicken-butt.
“Unless you come at me with the intent to kill, you won't be able to get these bells.” Kakashi spoke.

After Naruto decided to run at Kakashi, we started.

Kakashi opened his perverted book. He gave Naruto the pain of 1,000 deaths.

I stared. That was one super-ass poke. I watched as my team-mates got captured.

Naruto fell for a trap and was hung up by his feet.

Sasuke showed his fire jutsu that the clan was well known for.

Sakura was trapped in an genjutsu. Then she fainted when she saw Sasuke's head.

“They put us on teams for a reason, you three.” I sighed as I helped them out. “We're supposed to use teamwork.”

Plucking a few blades of grass, I created
spears. I looked at them. “You going to help?”

They nodded while Chicken-butt “HN”ed.

“Sasuke, I need lots of trip- wires.
Naruto,use your shadow-clones. Sakura, I need
you to trap Kakashi in a genjutsu.” I planned.

After they left, Kakashi appeared. “You are the last one standing. You going to fight or walk away like a true Iwasawa?” He saw the spears.

I grinned ferociously. “Battle on,”.

I looked at him and and lunged head on. WE battled like this for a few minutes until I saw the signal for the trip-wires.

I ran towards them, stopping suddenly. Kakashi was electrocuted by the trip-wires and dog-piled on by the Naruto clones. Sakura trapped him in a genjutsu.

I snatched the bells and handed one to everyone, not keeping one for myself.

When Sakura finally released him from the genjutsu, he was dazed.

I had Sasuke burn up Kakashi's real-life Ichi Ichi Paradise. It was so worth it, seeing the look on Kakashi's face while he ran off screaming.

We grinned. Sasuke smirked.

“Thank you,” I waved. I went home because I was grounded.
'Maybe being on a team isn't so bad.' I thought. 'They sure are fun to torture.'

When I got home, I packed my bag for the stay with Itachi. I packed a few weapons because with Itachi around you never know what could happen. 

I went to the Hokage. Unfortunately, he wasn't there, so I left him a message.

I must go out of the village for a few days. Tell Kakashi a lie or something, but no one can follow me. There's a clone pretending to me, so no one suspects anything. I'll see you soon.

After leaving the note on his desk, I jumped out the window. Not caring who was watching, I flash-stepped out the gates and made my way to where Itachi and I agreed to
Kakashi watched as his student went out
the gates. He followed, but lost the chakra
signals about half-way there. So he searched for

He didn't find much. Just animals. He
turned back dejectedly. 'I’m a go see the
Hokage.' He thought.

I smiled. “Take that Ero-sensei.” I continued on to the campsite. I arrived like thirty minutes later.

“Hello Itachi.” I greeted happily. “Hello fish man.”

They whirled around.

“Oh,it's you.” Itachi said. “Anyone try to follow you?”

I nodded. “Ero-sensei , but he gave up halfway.”

“Itachi, who's this and why does she wear the leaf nin headband?” Fish man said slowly.

“This is Ellen Iwasawa. She's a ninja of Konoha. And she gives information when I need it.” He shrugged. “Ellen, this is Kisame.”

“Okay, fish man.” I waved, a bit hyper. I
turned to Itachi. “You wanted me to meet the rest
of the Akatsuki?”

He nodded. “It will take another five hours
to reach headquarters. You have water?”

I rolled my eyes. “Duh.”

He rolled his eyes right back. “Well, come on. We want to get there before nightfall, don't we?”

I began walking. “So Itachi, tell me about the other members.”

“Pein has lots of piercings. Tobi is like a child, striving for approval. Sasori is a human puppet. He has incased himself in a body of his own creation. Deidara uses exploding clay. He has mouths all over his body. Kabuza takes care of finances. Hidan is some kind of religious priest who loves to kill. Madara Uchiha is never really seen.”

“So I might get to see the ancestor of the Uchiha clan? Awesome!” I cheered.

“Those are probably the people you will see.” Kisame added. “If you see anyone else, its either a prisoner, Konan, or Zetsu.”
“Yes fish man sir.” I saluted Kisame.

He frowned.

“I could always call you blue gills.” I offered.

“No fish man's fine.” He sighed. 'Although I wish you would just call me Kisame.'

Itachi looked back at us. “Make no mistake Kisame. She may look like a little girl, but she has the intelligence of one older than Madara. That's why she is here with us.”

I looked at Kisame. “I am a little girl. While I am mature in the mind, I still have rapid mood swings and I tire much more easily than I should. So make no mistake, I am a child.”

Kisame stayed quiet until we reached the headquarters. Once we go there, he ran off.

Itachi escorted me inside where everyone was waiting. A boy with a mask bounded over to us.

“Tobi wants to say hello.” He said

“Hi Tobi.” I said. “I'm Ellen Iwasawa.”

Silence fell over the rest of them. Finally
a voice spoke up. “Can't be an Iwasawa. They all
died like a decade ago.” It was a dude with lots of

“Well Pein,” I began. “If you had paid more attention to the history lesson, you would have known that an old woman and a baby escaped, although I'm not sure anyone else knows.”

“It's not possible. I should know. I mean, I killed them.”

The room fell silent, not knowing what I would do with this new piece of information.
Well, I can tell you what. They certainly didn't expect what I did.

I ran and hugged him, while singing, 'Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.'