Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Update on my life READ THIS PLZ

So today, i get home and my sister scares the hell outta me. Then i think about all the homework i have to do. Stupid school. So today I am going to figure out out how to get all of it done without using the imaginary shadow clones(for all of you who don't know, check out Naruto).

i think it's time i tell you about my stepmother...
I was five when my step bitch and dad got married. Everything was okay until i turned nine. I began growing up. But it didn't get really bad until i was eleven. My dad's job sometimes caused him to work late and unfortunately at the time, my relationship with the bitch was what you would call war. We butted heads on many occasions, because i was no longer her mindless little monkey.
I had cancer when i was eleven. It was summer time. I was happy even though i was sick and i lost all my hair. In October, i was in remission and by November i was cancer free. Lymphoma Burketts stage 3. Although i should have been closer to my family, i was farther away. And because i hated the school i was already going to, i was put in Mennonite school.
February of 2009, my dad was working late. Again. And i was a little pissed at school. So the principal called the bitch and she took out her frustration on me. I was forced to do fifty push-ups without stopping even once. I was fucking eleven! She hit the wall beside me and she would have hit me if i had moved even an inch. There is a hole at my old house! She upped it to seventy-five and i tried to run out of the house, but damn it, she caught me. It was nearing eleven when my dad finally came home. I was crying and he asked what was wrong.
After finishing my fucking push-ups, i went to bed, worn out.
November 2009...
They put me in Meridell. I had absolutely no idea why i was there. No one would tell me. So i was there until February 2010. Doing nothing but biding my time and putting with a bunch of bull-shit that people were feeding me. There was nothing wrong with me, other than my social skills and my reclusive personality. The day i came out was the day i felt relief.
Summer of 2010...
I went with my aunt up to her home up in Minnesota and stayed there for two weeks. It was one of the greatest times of my life. Until i came back to the hell that had become my life.
July 2010...
I finally chewed the bitch out and i must say it felt really good. That made it so i went up to Minnesota for the first semester of my eighth grade year. It was then i got the wonderful news that my dad and step bitch finally divorced (imagine a chibi me jumping for joy).
January 2011...
 I came home for the second semester of my eighth grade year. I finished eighth grade at home and for a while everything was nearly perfect.
Until a few months ago(we're in 2012 now) when the bitch threatened my dad's job. She's gotten a new boyfriend and finally turned her own parents against her! She's using my sister and i don't like it. She's trying to rip our family apart as well as her own. She's tracking my phone and  i have to be really careful what i do.  I can't make friends, even if i wanted to, and i can't be a regular teenager. So thank step bitch if you have a problem with me. She's made me who i am and it's coming around to bite her in the ass! Later, MINA.

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