Monday, October 1, 2012


Freshman this year are over stepping their rank. They're trying to over rank those who clearly over rank them. It's tiring because they believe just because they're whores and sluts that flaunting their sex life and lack of cleavage is okay. We older classman are tired of it already. You idiotic children do not outrank us and most likely never will. I don't know where you think you're going with this, but if you don't stop, we will retaliate. There is a reason we were the worst set of freshman this school has had, and that's because we aren't afraid to use violence. You think no one can beat you in a fight? Trust me sweet pea, your ass will be sore by the time we are through. Don't underestimate us because we're quieter than you.
You think you're mature for ignoring someone? We have to put up with your rumors, with your exaggerations, with your petty fights, with your attitude.

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