Saturday, May 5, 2012

High School

I wonder why grown-ups think that kids are stupid when in fact we are much smarter than they are. Well, some of us anyways.

Then again, there are those weird ass kids who seem to enjoy proving that adults were right in thinking us kids stupid.

Teenagers are quite the same way. Except we look more mature.

I'm describing high school.

Preps: nerdy, smart, can be fun. Keep to themselves.

Whores: Everyone knows their name. You call them for a quick lay. No other girl likes them.

Crack heads: Blood shot eyes. They don't really pay attention.

Cheerleaders: Can be Preps or Whores. Some of them are actually okay to hang out with. Kind of snobby.

Thespians: Theater geeks. Dramatic. Often embarrassing.

Jocks: No brains whatsoever. They tend to prey on the geeks mostly.

Geeks: Nerdy. Quiet. Shy. Usually keep to themselves. Travel in packs.

Hicks: Bad accents. Farmers. Annoying to talk to.

Outcasts: Don't fit in with anyone. Insecure. Likes the attention, but prefers it not to be on them.

Goths: Dark. Usually suicidal. Depressed.

People like me: Smart. Average looking. Blends in with the crowd. Hangs out with everybody but the whores. Easily gains grudges against them. Often crush on people they can't have. Reads, writes, hates attention when embarrassing. Likes to listen to music. Often depressed.

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