Saturday, March 10, 2012

My life sucks

I have absolutely nothing going on right now, except spring break, but even that has to be ruined by my stupid Mother Fucking Step bitch. She texts my dad at like four o clock in the morning to yell at him about my grades, when no one gets up that early. My grades are fine bitch! And if you have a problem with them, you can come to me. You don't go to my dad and yell at him when he is already trying as hard as he can. I do my homework, I don't fail my classes, I do whatever the hell i can. So go fuck up someone else's life and quit messing with mine. She asks about my grades, not my sisters. How she got into parent portal is beyond me, which i think i need to do a little snooping in my school's office, cuz if they gave that information, they are going to find themselves with a very angry girl with a lot of time on her hands and amazing computer skills.

People shouldn't go into other's lives just because it's convenient to. And it's not nice to leave without telling someone who is depending on you. It's not funny. It's crazy fucked up shit. 

"Why thank you ______. It was nice to know you're leaving me stranded when i need you the most. Thank you being so thoughtful!" 

I don't think grown- ups realize that if they try to shield us from the stuff they do, they're just digging their damn grave deeper. Us younger peoples, see more than they think we see and yeah, we may not like it, but it's no better than being in the dark for almost half your life. If you see this, you grown-up people, us younger people, we know more than you think. Trust me, we have better abilities than you have ever had. We have bigger brains than you think, well most of us anyways. There are always those dumb asses out there.

We know more than you think we know. Mostly because people like me, we observe rather than talk our asses off. We know when someone's lying to us. We know when someone's hiding something and further more we listen when you talk to us, even when you think we don't. We may tune some of it out, but we listen. 

Because unlike when you adults talk to us, you don't actually listen to what we actually say. We could be telling you we killed someone and you would think we're talking about grades in school. You don't listen to what we say, whereas we must listen to what you say. Hypocrites.

If you listen to what we say, you might be surprised at what we do know. So unless you plan on being there for us, we won't be there for you. You don't listen to us, why should we listen to you? But because you're adults, we have to. You have to teach us right and wrong. I quit listening to your little speeches on morals, because i know what's happening and morals quit mattering the minute my step mother walked into my life. 

Morals don't matter any more, because if we lie, we get in trouble, we don't lie, we get in trouble. If we lie, there's a less chance of getting in trouble, so there's a bigger probability that we will lie. You lie all the time, you adults do. You don't get in trouble. So don't go telling us kids that it's bad to lie and it's bad to deceive your parents or other adults, cause that just plain old fashioned crap.

Well, I have to go, I have a nice whipped cream and chocolate waffle calling my name.


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